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The Kennedy Collective, Inc.

The Kennedy Collective is a not-for-profit organization providing supports for people with disabilities. 

Some areas of focus include: Autism Specific Programs, Travel Training, Day Support Options, Employment & Behavioral Supports.   

The Autism Project provides opportunities for children, teens & young adults to engage in age appropriate social & recreational activities, while implementing skill building in pivotal areas.  

Our weeknight & Saturday programs are led by highly trained staff that are well versed in ASD.    

For more information:     

Autism Project/Recreation/Social Skills
Mary Pat DeCarlo, VP Adult Services 203.365.8522 x 2019
• Recreation
• General
• Misc.
• Parent Support/workshops

Behavioral Services
Don Seipel, MS, BCBA, LBA – VP, Behavior Analytic Services 203-868-1679

Partners Program: School Transition Services
Sara Purdy-Schwartzer – Intake & Transition Services Manager 203-365-8522 ext. 2058
• School Transition
• Adult Services

Mobility Services
Phone: (203) 365-8522 EXT. 2950
• General
• Miscellaneous Services
• Recreation
• Social Skills Training
• Transition Services
• Transition to Life Programs