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Contact Person: Anna Healy
Phone: 617-852-3027
Website: Visit Website
Address: 225 Main Street, Suite 1
Westport, CT 06880
Healy Coaching Solutions

Focuses on strengths while leveraging positive skills and natural ability to promote personal growth and development. Coaching we assist with: EMOTIONAL AWARENESS (recognizing emotions in self and others); Confidence building and self worth understanding; Processing thoughts and feelings; Easing into flexibility and relaxing through change; Stress reduction and management), SOCIAL SKILL BUILDING (Building interpersonal and soft skill development to foster mindful communication and understanding; Building conversational skills: initiating/maintaining/ending and taking turns; Active listening and comprehension; Tools for awareness of personal space and possessions; Communicating thoughts and feelings clearly and directly ), EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING (Tools and strategies for attention management, self monitoring and future planning; Organization; Planning and Prioritizing; Task Initiation and Implementation; Working Memory; Impulse and Self control)