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Yoga Movement Therapy® – Classes for Children with an ASD>

Contact Person: Lucy Rosenblatt
Phone: 860-841-6831
Address: 109 Price Blvd
West Hartford, CT 06119
Yoga Movement Therapy® – Classes for Children with an ASD

My goal is to make both disciplines of yoga and dance easy, fun and accessible to everyone and anyone. I strive to create a space where participants also have an opportunity to connect with others as we laugh and move together.

My classes and workshops complement wellness practices that emphasize the whole person and work to connect the body and the mind. In my psychotherapy practice, I have seen how stress will manifest itself both mentally and physically. Movement is an enjoyable way to release that stress and can have a transformative effect on people’s lives.
Children in our society also experience stress that can affect their wellbeing. Anxiety, restlessness, behavior problems and self-regulation can be addressed in a fun movement-based activity more easily than in traditional talk therapy.

One area I have specialized in is adapting yoga and dance for children, teens and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other intellectual disabilities. Yoga practice and creative movement, stimulates brain development, engages creative play and integrates multiple intelligences. I love working to develop a growing sense of self through the simple joy of movement.

I teach classes for adults, children, families and mixed-age groups. I develop individualized lesson plans for each class based on the age of participants, abilities and learning styles.

To find out more about what I am currently offering, please contact me at or by cellphone: 860-841-6831