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Friends of Autistic People>

Contact Person: Brita Darany von Regensburg
Phone: 203-661-8510
Website: Visit Website
Address: 974 North Street
Greenwich, CT 06831
Friends of Autistic People

Friends of Autistic People is the fore-front of change. We are an Autism Education and Advocacy organization dedicated to bringing about an environment where adult children with autism can be assured of quality care and assistance after they turn 21. FAP was the first charitable organization in Connecticut to advocate for appropriate services for adults on the entire spectrum of autism throughout their life span.

We seek for our children a life that allows them to make CHOICES, live as independently as possible, have access to all aspects of the community, including schooling, housing, employment, public service and leisure. Our goal is for them to be UNDERSTOOD and ACCEPTED as another facet in the tapestry of society and become its VALUED participating members.

​FAP strives to reach this goal by raising awareness of the services and supported living arrangements that autistic adults need, and searching for help within public and private organizations.