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Contact Person: Jase Doane
Phone: 860-574-3138
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Address: 98 South Turnpike Road
Wallingford, CT 06492
APEX Educational Solutions, LLC

APEX cares!
Founded in 2016, APEX Educational Solutions is quickly becoming the premiere ABA provider in State through an unwavering focus on quality of service and making a positive and sustainable difference in lives of our learners each day. Whether we are working in your child’s school classroom, in your home, your community or at our newly opened 7,000 sq. ft. Learning Center in Wallingford we are built on a supportive, collaborative and learner-friendly culture that maximizes potential success.

Community is important to us
As a local family-run and family-owned Agency, we are far from a corporate environment and recognize the importance of local community. We strongly believe every student deserves the opportunity to learn in their Least Restrictive Environment. Our staff consulting in local school districts work tirelessly with teaching staff and students each day to develop the skills needed to keep students in their local classrooms. Our in-home and Learning Center staff complement this mission outside of school hours by providing consistency and collaboration with service providers while incorporating a heavy focus on parent training.

We make ABA fun!
Our ABA teaching is largely based on play and naturalistic teaching opportunities. Our approach is personalized to each learner and takes advantage of each learner’s unique experiences with specific attention to socialization and communication opportunities. This style of naturalistic teaching typically ensures more engagement from the learner as it provides them more control over their toys and activities while also allowing them to effectively set their own pace during therapy. These naturalistic teaching methods and opportunities also transfer easily to parents making it a team and ongoing effort throughout the day.

Wallingford Learning Center
Our new 7,000 sq. ft. Learning Center in Wallingford has brought each of these important ABA attributes under one roof! We have invested in a relaxing parent lounge as part of the space and have quickly learned that most of our parents simply enjoy having other parents to talk with that understand their daily challenges. We have introduced weekly yoga sessions led by a certified yoga instructor with separate sessions for parents only and then a separate (and fun!) session with the kids. Most importantly we have utilized the Center to take advantage of natural social and peer engagement opportunities between the kids.

APEX Educational Solutions is proud to sponsor the ASRC and ask that you help us support the Autism community by donating to ASRC.
For more information on APEX Educational Solutions services, please contact Jase Doane (Cofounder) at 860-574-3138 or via email at