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Contact Person: Eleanore Bednarsh
Phone: 718-335-7353
Website: Visit Website
Address: 200 E. 15th Street, Suite 9E
New York, New York 10003
Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program

Partnered with Vaughn College, our Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program (SIPP) incorporates the most advanced approaches to learning to create a revolutionary 30 hours/week, 12-month experiential education program that addresses the challenge of transition for autistics; making the move from high school to college or the workforce.

Designed as a bridge year to college or employment, SIPP is for those on spectrum whose passions include aviation, aerospace, engineering and related fields. SIPP extends its groundbreaking educational approach to collegiate academics with a blended delivery of experiential, classroom and virtual instruction.


  • Strength based, immersive curriculum responsive to and designed for the autistic learner
    with Social Emotional and Life Skills integrated into the program
  • Course concepts and instruction made relevant, absorbed and reinforced through the Innovation Hub (IH), an experiential, project-based integrated counterpart to the classroom learning. Skills such as goal oriented thinking, problem solving, asking for help, self-advocacy, self-regulation, context awareness, perspective taking, collaboration and communication emerge and are utilized as a natural consequence of engaging in work in the IH environment.
  • A competency-based student assessment and evaluation system tracks and encourages attainment of the competency of a complete role in conjunction with discrete skills.
  • A competency-based Vaughn Certificate and 13 College Credits
  • A fully supported college environment with full time Social Emotional Learning Facilitator
  • Acclimation to fellow co-hort members, the environment, teachers, Vaughn students and staff
  • Fast track admission to Vaughn College
  • An extensive and tailored career placement program
  • The foundation to pursue Vaughn College or other Higher-Ed opportunities or entry positions in the


Our Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program (SIPP) curriculum will integrate academic, social-emotional, executive function and life skills, over 12 MONTHS with a 6-WEEK orientation, 2 ACADEMIC SEMESTERS and a 6-WEEK RESIDENCY during which students LIVE ON CAMPUS and execute their FINAL PROJECT. We will also create industry based projects and simulations for the Innovation Hub that facilitate the internalization of skills and concepts.

Development of this project is funded in part by an Advanced Technological Education research grant from the NSF.