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Contact Person: Chrissy Fensore
Phone: 800-906-5088
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Address: 538 Preston Avenue
Meriden, Connecticut 06450
Aspire Living and Learning

Aspire Living & Learning is a private, non-profit human service and educational organization, serving individuals in five states. We provide treatment and supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, allowing them to live more fully and more independently in their communities.

Our organization arose out of the belief that everyone within our communities can add value and enrich the lives of all who live there, and that through high-quality, research-tested methods, we can enhance the life experiences of all individuals – both people with intellectual challenges as well as their families, friends, and neighbors.

Autism Services
We use the universally-recognized, evidence-based principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to help children with autism strengthen behavioral, emotional, communication and vocational skills. ABA strategies have been developed and refined from university-based research studies and are proven to be effective in helping children learn.

Our team works with children and their families in their homes, and with children and their teachers in their classrooms. In-home services help parents identify problem behaviors and behaviors to improve, and then systematically respond to those behaviors in ways that help the child make positive change. In the classroom, we provide and supervise behavioral therapists who work directly with children, and we are also responsible for overall clinical coordination. In all cases, our goal is to empower parents and teachers with communication and management strategies that have been proven effective in helping children with autism.