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Contact Person: Rachel Hantman
Phone: 617-358-5910
Website: Visit Website
Address: 100 Cummington Mall
Boston, Massachusetts 02215

We are a research center at Boston University now beginning remote studies recruiting nationwide. We offer a wide variety of autism studies for a range of ages from 3 months to 26 years.

Our primary mission is to advance scientific knowledge about the language and social communication impairments in autism/ASD and related disorders. We carry out studies on all ages using behavioral, brain, and cognitive measures.

Our goal is to understand the range of abilities, the developmental patterns, and the brain systems that may explain why people with autism have difficulties communicating with spoken language. We develop and validate new interventions that strengthen the communication abilities in individuals with autism/ASD. We also study auditory attention, motor development, social skills, genetics, and sensory sensitivities of children and young adults with autism/ASD.

We have an outstanding team at CARE, including clinical and developmental psychologists, speech-language clinicians, language scientists, special educators, and behavior specialists.

Studies carried out at our center, and with collaborating institutions (Cornell, Mass. General Hospital, Harvard, Boston Children’s Hospital, Carnegie Mellon, and UCLA), are funded by the National Institutes of Health and private foundations.
If you’re interested in participating in our current or future studies, please fill out our interest form:

If you have questions for us, send us an email at or give us a call at 617-358-5910!