ASRC’s trainings and workshops offer intensive educational experiences for a variety of individuals and organizations. Our workshops introduce concepts and information, which spread awareness and encourage the practical application of methods.

ASRC offers training and workshops spanning a wide range of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Special Education information. All trainings can be customized, varying in length and content to meet the needs of those requesting them. Our programs are designed to present practical skills, techniques, and ideas which can be used to enhance daily lives.

ASRC training and workshops feature:

Flexibility – Sessions are designed to accommodate both small and large groups, and can vary in length and always offer time for question and answers.

Adaptability – Objectives are geared toward individuals involved with ASD on a personal or professional level, however, all trainings and workshops can be adapted to fit the needs of the audience.

Expertise – Facilitators offer information and expertise in a variety of areas. Both professional and person experiences are drawn from parenting children with ASD, professionals in the field, and disability rights advocates, to name a few.

Approachability – Each session offers participants opportunities for open dialogue about many important topics.

To learn about our workshop series, trainings and other educational opportunities, contact our office: 203-265-7717.

Fall Workshop Series Announced

ASRC is pleased to announce our 2019 Fall Workshop Schedule.  It has something for everyone so please check it out!


Session 1 – Thursday October 24, 2019:
Effective transition planning between home and school

Session 2-Wednesday November 6, 2019:
Unique challenges in becoming more independent for those with ASD

Session 3-Thursday November 21, 2019:
Legal and financial aspects of planning

Session 4: – Thursday December 5, 2019:
Next steps: one on one or small group discussion and planning to assist participants in developing next steps


Motivation: Driving on the Spectrum  

Presented by Andrew Arboe

This workshop is for parents and their teens and/or young adults who are learning how to drive. Professionals are welcome to attend. This presentation goes over Andrew Arboe’s experiences in getting his driver’s license. He created a format called “Motivation” which will help families explore the idea of driving. Driving requires self-reflection and a reason and Andrew will guide you through it. He will also go over many helpful tips throughout the presentation. You should not miss this opportunity!

November 11,2019: Autism Services and Resources Connecticut 101 North Plains Industrial Road, Wallingford CT


LIMITED SEATING, REGISTRATION REQUIRED! $20 per attendee and $10 for each additional family member

Intended audience:parents, caregivers, guardians grandparents. Good for educators, teachers, community providers, professionals and anyone else who wants to know more! Presentation and materials based on children


Anxiety in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Karim Ibrahim, PsyD,   Yale Child Study Center   

Anxiety is a common and impairing problem in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). There is increasing evidence that anxiety can be accurately diagnosed and dissociated from the core ASD symptoms. Regarding treatment of anxiety, most research has been conducted in the area of behavioral and cognitive-behavioral (CBT) interventions for anxiety in verbally fluent children ASD. The principles and practice of these interventions in  clinical settings will be discussed including review of treatment elements common for treatment of anxiety in children with ASD and specific techniques aimed at addressing core autism symptoms that could contribute to anxiety. New research studies on CBT for anxiety in children with ASD will be discussed. Parenting strategies for managing challenging behaviors related to anxiety in ASD will also be discussed with the attendees of this presentation.

Session 1: Wednesday October 23, 2019  (6:30-8PM)

Session 2: Wednesday November 20, 2019  (5:30-7PM)

Yale Child Study Center workshops will be held at our office located at: 101 North Plains Industrial Road Wallingford , CT 


Intended audience: Good for educators, teachers, community providers, professionals, parents, caregivers, guardians, grandparents and anyone else who wants to know more!


EARLY EDUCATION EDUCATORS WORKSHOP – 3 Part Series or 1 Day Intensive 

Early Education Educators Workshop   THREE PART SERIES or ONE-DAY INTENSIVE
LIMITED SEATING, REGISTRATION REQUIRED! $35 per session or  $95 for ALL 3 session/ $95 for One-Day Intensive!

Session 1: Thursday October 3, 2019​: ​ASD 101 – Understanding Autism
This training opportunity will provide participants with an introduction to what Autism Spectrum Disorder is and what it is Not. 

Session 2: Wednesday October 16, 2019​:  ​Autism in the Early Childhood Environment

This session is designed to give a basic understanding of how Autism Spectrum Disorder presents itself in the Early Childhood setting.  We will cover characteristics, behaviors and the effects on staff, students and families, while offering tools for partnerships and inclusion.

Session 3: Wednesday October 30, 2019​: ​Systems, Support and Social Scripts
This session will provide examples of ​Communication Systems​, ​Visual Supports​ and an introduction to ​Social Scripts​ that can be helpful in the Early Childhood setting.


One-Day Intensive: Saturday December 7, 2019 (9am-1pm):​ ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!

ASRC’s Early Education Educators Workshop  will be held at our office located at:
101 North Plains Industrial Road Wallingford , CT


Intended audience: Good for educators, teachers, community providers, professionals, parents, caregivers, guardians, grandparents and anyone else who wants to know more!