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Address: 282 Washington Street
Hartford, CT 06106
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center offers a comprehensive array of services starting with an initial medical diagnosis to family-centered therapeutic services. Our diagnostic program, the Autism Spectrum Assessment Program (ASAP) (860.837.5915) is a collaborative program between the Departments of Developmental / Behavioral Pediatrics and Speech-Language Pathology for children 12 months to adolescence. ASAP is designed to provide an initial evaluation of patients with suspected autism so that a diagnosis can be given and appropriate services can be implemented in a timely fashion. The evaluation includes both direct assessment of ASD symptoms and background history from parents and professionals. Medical follow-up and the opportunity for participation in research are provided through our Neurogenetics ASAP Clinic (860.545.9460) where a careful exam assessing for neurologic and dysmorphic features is completed. EEG and/or MRI are ordered when indicated. Patients are offered genetic evaluation tailored to physical findings, but typically consisting of a minimum of Fragile X testing and microarray analysis. Outpatient speech, occupational, and physical therapies are also available in several convenient locations. When needed, Connecticut Children’s also offers several specialized evaluation clinics, including the Augmentative / Alternative Communication Clinic (860.837.5915) and the Clinical Feeding Team (860.545.8605)