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Contact Person: Robin P. Keller
Phone: 203-548-0096
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Address: 48 Calf Pasture Beach Road

Norwalk, CT 06855
Law Office of Robin P. Keller

The Law Office of Robin P. Keller, LLC (“Keller Law”) is a Connecticut law firm that represents the families of children with medical disabilities, learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, physical disabilities, autism and others. We also serve both regular and special education students as their legal advocate in school disciplinary, expulsion and dismissal hearings.

Our team of attorneys and non-attorney special education advocates have extensive experience in guiding parents through the expected and unexpected challenges faced in executing the strategy necessary for their child to progress educationally. We have the knowledge and skills to respond to and anticipate the ever-changing educational environment.

We deal with a wide range of placement, programming and disciplinary issues, including: Identification and evaluation of children with special needs; design, coordination and continued execution of individualized education programs (IEPs) or 504 plans; identification of appropriate placement given service needs, and transition plans.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in School disciplinary, expulsion and dismissal hearings, as well as transportation and residency disputes. Our extensive experience includes representing families in mediations, due process hearings or the filing of State, Federal and OCR complaints.


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