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Contact Person: Jennifer Davis
Phone: 708-712-1200
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Canton, Connecticut
Amazing Achievements Occupational Therapy

The only AHCB and PATH International Certified therapist in CT incorporating equine movement in skilled therapy sessions while focusing on functional tasks and activities to meet individualized goals.

I am a medical professional providing skilled medical necessary treatment. I am an Occupational Therapist, board and state certified with licenses. Member of NBCOT, AOTA, AHA and PATH.

There is misconception and cultural misinformation about this particular strategy, one of the many therapy strategies, I incorporate in my sessions. Many customers searching for services need to be aware of what is being provided for them. Did you know “Therapeutic Riding” is NOT therapy!? It is NOT provided by a therapist, but by a riding instructor. Many times this person has no experience in the medical field nor education. They do not posses clinical knowledge and do not possess a license for treatment of disabilities.

I am a provider with Blue Cross/Anthem and Cigna with pending provider for Husky.

As an Occupational Therapist, I provide services that help families form strategies that work for them by combining many approaches I have been exposed to. I also attempt to increase independence or strategies in areas related to sensory-motor, visual motor, self-care, initiation or completion of tasks and social skills.

Some of the skills I work on with the clients and families are: compensation techniques for all areas that appear difficult and/or stressful for the client and families, core strength and upper body strength, handwriting, visual motor, visual perception, executive functioning, sensory, self esteem and awareness and vestibular…. just to name a few.

All treatment sessions are focused on the child’s strengths and what might need to improve for increased independence while working also on them gaining independence, self awareness and increased self esteem in order to treat them as a whole from the “inside out”. The equine movements are the most powerful movements that provide neuromotor input and sensory experiences in order to provide the body with sensory information for regulation/modulation for better integration and organization of input from the environment and therefore being able to process and attain acquisition of skills for a nice “output”/response for a task or situation.

I am with each client for the entire session in order to provide clinical problem solving to provide what is needed/changed to form the modulation/regulation/output or input needed to attempt to meet goals/proper responses.

Email me for more information. I love to educate and provide any information!