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Law Office of Robin P. Keller

About Keller Law

Every special education child is entitled to a free, appropriate, public education. The Law Office of  Robin P. Keller, LLC  is a Connecticut law firm that represents the families of children with disabilities, including learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, physical disabilities, attention deficit disorder, autism, and others.

How We Can Help You

We will assist you in becoming a more effective advocate for your child at school to obtain appropriate programming, services, and placement under IDEA, ADA and Section 504.  

If your child is not receiving appropriate support and services at school, we can fight for you and your child to get those services the law requires.

Our firm understands your concerns as a parent, and will protect the rights of your child. We have the knowledge and skills that enable us to provide both efficient and effective representation to families of special needs children. We deal with a wide range of placement, programming and disciplinary issues, including:

  • Identification and evaluation of children with special needs;

  • Design, coordination and continued execution of individualized education programs (IEPs) or 504 plans;

  • Manifestation Determination Meetings;

  • Alternative placements needs as identified by the school or guardians;

  • Least restrictive environment or mainstream placements;

  • Transition Plans;

  • School disciplinary and expulsion hearings;

  • Residency and transportation disputes

  • Mediation, due process hearings, and litigation;

We efficiently and effectively represent regular education students in areas of:

  • Homebound services;

  • CT Section 10-186  School Accommodation Hearings regarding residency and transportation disputes;

  • College Board accommodations;

  • School disciplinary and expulsion hearings. 

If your child is being denied his or her rights under IDEA, ADA and Section  504 accommodations or if your child is being restrained, secluded, bullied, suspended or expelled, please call us at 203-548-0096 or contact us online.