Hampshire Country School

Business: Hampshire Country School
Phone: 603-899-3325
Website: http://www.hampshirecountryschool.org
Address: 28 Patey Circle
Rindge, NH03461

Friendly, playful boarding school (20 boys) who are unusually bright but have had severe difficulty fitting into other settings. Most come with such diagnoses as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, disruptive mood disorder, and executive functioning problems, and most have been taking lots of psych medicines before coming. However, at HCS, where the focus is on students’ abilities and interests, and where difficulties can be accommodated, diagnoses are irrelevant. Most students stop taking their medicines soon after coming, and as a result they become more energetic and engaged; and they laugh, play, learn, and explore. Best entering age: 8 to 11. Most stay 3 to 5 years but may stay through high school.” residential programming.