College Steps

Business: College Steps
Phone: 1-888-732-1022
Address: 23219 Stringtown Road #233
Clarksburg, Maryland20871

College Steps is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that was founded by a clinical psychologist and a special educator with a simple mission: To empower students living with learning and social challenges through structured post-secondary support. Working closely with high schools, colleges, and families, we emphasize peer-to-peer services that build confidence and success.

College Steps recognizes that, for many students, the need for individualized academic and social support is essential to a successful transition to college and beyond. In response to this need, College Steps’ Individualized College Plan (ICP) is developed to complement or pick up where the student’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) may have left off, ultimately serving as a road map, outlining areas of need and tracking progress throughout the student’s college experience through;
» Academic Enrichment—Academic support is customized to the student’s subject interests and individual needs.;
» Social Involvement—Peer Mentors help our students immerse themselves in the social aspects of college life.;
» Independent Living—We promote self-advocacy and independent living skills, from personal finances to self-care.;
» Pre-Employment Training—Training and job experiences within the students’ area of interest improve employment readiness.