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Here are a few key considerations when it comes to special needs planning:

Financial Planning: Assessing your child’s current and future financial needs is essential. This may involve exploring government benefits, setting up a special needs trust, and considering alternative strategies to provide for their financial security.

Legal Considerations: Consult with an attorney experienced in special needs planning to establish legal documents such as a will, guardianship designation, and power of attorney. These legal safeguards will ensure that your child’s best interests are protected even when you’re not around.
Government Benefits: Familiarize yourself with the government programs and benefits available to individuals with disabilities, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid, and vocational rehabilitation services. Working with a specialist to better understand these programs those with special needs are entitled to can help maximize the support your child receives.

Caregiving Support: As your child grows, consider their long-term care needs. Explore options such as housing, vocational training, and community resources that can provide ongoing support and a fulfilling life for your child.

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