Faja Laboratory – Boston Children’s Hospital

Business: Faja Laboratory - Boston Children's Hospital
Contact Person: Brooke Kohn
Phone: 617-919-4108
Website: https://www.childrenshospital.org/research/labs/faja-laboratory
Address: 300 Longwood Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts02115

Here in the Faja Lab, we are studying social and cognitive development of children and adults on the autism spectrum disorders, with neurodevelopmental disorders, and without developmental concerns. We use physiological and behavioral measures to understand how changes in the brain support social cognitive development.

We have a project recruiting adults on the spectrum to talk about their experiences with dating and sexual relationships. And we have a separate project recruiting 2 and 4-year-olds to play games with us so we can better understand their problem-solving skills.

Currently, our work is focused on Plasticity and treatment response; Can existing training programs be adapted for clinical use? Which aspects of behavior and neural function change in response to intervention? Which individuals will respond to interventions or may benefit from combinations of treatments? What risk factors are associated with specific aspects of autism? How can we better measure the strengths and challenges of all individuals on the autism spectrum? How can we better understand and support people on the spectrum later in life?

Contact us! FajaLab@childrens.harvard.edu