Alone we are strong. Together we are stronger.

The needs of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the ability of the state to meet those needs are in stark contrast.  There are simply not enough slots available through the Autism Waiver to meet the growing needs of ADULTS on the spectrum.

How can WE change this reality?

Families and individuals are uniquely positioned to effectively drive home the message that the powers that be have overlooked the needs of adults with ASD for far too long, and that has to change!

ASRC has always believed that families can make a difference at the Connecticut General Assembly and will continue to work with policy makers to change the system of support for our families, but we cannot do it without YOU!

Together, we can do this by educating policy makers just like we did in the years before when we were able to get a pilot program in place for our ASD adults, which a few years later led to our now Medicare waiver and what is now known as our state Autism Division.

With over 1800 individuals waiting for a slot on the waiver, the time for change is NOW! We are calling upon you to  once again, come together and repeat that success by establishing many more slots.

Contact your elected officials TODAY and tell them how they can use their votes to support our ASD community.

Read about the CT Autism Waver by clicking the ICON, below.

Contact your elected officials TODAY
and tell them how they can use their votes to support our ASD community.

Follow the steps below.
  1. Copy the sample email text, on the right.

  2. Find your state legislator’s email address:

    1. Click “find your legislator here” – in the box, below

    2. Enter your town, street name, street number, click “find”

    3. Click on the NAME of your State Representative

    4. Click (or copy) the email address on the top right of the page

    5. Paste the sample text and change the appropriate fields.(Subject,

    6. Send email.

    7. Repeat

Change A Life Today:

Support ASRC.


Submitted by (Insert First and Last Name)

Senate District # or Home address (in lieu of using home address insert either writers’ senate or house district whichever is relevant)

Submitted on (insert Month day), 2021 via email (Insert email address letter is going to)

Dear (Insert Senator or Representative as appropriate);

In honor of World Autism Awareness Month, I am asking for your support by co-sponsoring two proposed bills that will improve the lives and independence of those with autism. They are HB #5469 An Act Expanding Autism Spectrum Disorder Services Under the Medicaid Program and HB #5671 An Act Expanding Medical Assistance for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Can I count on your support?

The impact of autism is not isolated to April 2nd or only the month of April. As a parent, our family is affected daily… (Use this space to explain how autism impacts your life, or delete).

I look forward to continuing this dialog with each of you as I work to improve access to support for those impacted by autism.


(Insert first and last name)