Facebook Live - April 29

Dr. Tara Glennon Interview With Sara & Rachel

Dr. Tara Glennon

This video showcases our very special guest Dr. Tara Glennon. Dr. Glennon is the owner of the Center for Pediatric Therapy with offices in Darien, Fairfield, and Wallingford, and she is also a Professor of Occupational Therapy at Quinnipiac University.

Dr. Glennon shared practical and purposeful tips and suggestions for DIY in-home therapeutic interventions. She highlighted simple yet effective approaches to supporting individuals with sensory issues. This is a must watch for parents and caretakers feeling the absence of their traditional occupational therapy as it will open your eyes to methods outside the box, but inside your home.

In addition to her work with the Center for Pediatric Therapy and as a Professor at Quinnipiac University, Dr. Glennon lectures nationally, and has over 50 publications related to pediatric practice, including co-author of the Sensory Processing Measure, an assessment for children with sensory integrative difficulties.

Zoom Live (no FB by request) - April 22

Dr. Ruth Erens Interview With Sara & Rachel

Dr. Ruth Erens

Sara and Rachel interview Dr. Ruth Erens, with special guest Maria Yurgaitis.  Dr Erens shares her suggested ideas and strategies for ways to reduce stress and enjoy this valuable time with your child during this extended “stay at home” time.
Dr. Erens also shares ways to “naturally” educate your child, using materials that are already a part of your home, and incorporating those elements into teaching moments.

Sara and Rachel interview

FB & Zoom Live - April 15

Dr. James Loomis Interview With Sara & Rachel

Dr. James Loomis

Sara and Rachel interview Dr. James Loomis from Center for Children With Special Needs. Dr Loomis shares some great perspective as the social distancing and “stay at home” timeline has lengthened.
Acknowledging the growing frustration that we are all feeling, Dr. Loomis offers many great suggestions, including:
> recognizing that things have changed and frustration is mounting;
> allowing ourselves permission to feel that frustration but to work to continously adjust
> admit that it’s okay to make a mistake – as adults and kids – and for parents, know that the human condition means we will make mistakes
> focusing on the positive, not looking to the negative, not getting stuck
> recognizing that we are adapting and learning new things during this crisis and giving ourselves credit for same
> setting realistic schedules that incorporate flexibility – “written in pencil” – with allowance for inevitable change that will happen
> making sure to share/express feelings – one of the most important things we can do as adults and kids but in a constructive, not destructive way
> treat this whole experience as a giant learning opportunity that helps us build new skills that are useable going forward
> sharing teachable moments with our kids including them seeing us in new settings and also seeing us as we exhibit the human condition, i.e, frustration
> setting boundaries for both kids and parents that allow for alone time, even if in the same room
> understanding that we will experience a range of emotions but that if those overwhelm you, or if the sense of hopelessness abounds, that there is help out there and you SHOULD reach out for help and not be afraid of doing so
> we should try to see things through our kids eyes and build new routines that include visual/writing/social stories to help them learn a new normal
> Link to YALE Medicine Covid-19 Resource Page

FB & Zoom Live - April 9

Chris Abildgaard Interview With Sara & Rachel

Chris Abildgaard

An interview with Chris Abildgaard, LPC, NCC, NCSP, the owner and director of the Social Learning Center, LLC. located in Cheshire, CT.
Chris talked about ways to facilitate social and executive function skills while at home for individuals ages preschool through young adulthood. Chris gave real life clinical experiences and tips to helps families navigate this time in our lives.

FB Live - April 6

Dr. Peter Radasch Interview With Sara Taussik

Dr. Peter Radasch

Dr. Peter Radasch spoke of many approaches to dealing with these difficult “COVID-19” times, including schedules, habits, specific tactics for adjusting, and key points to keep in mind .  Dr. Radaschs’ details here.

FB Live - April 1

Dr. James Loomis Interview With Sara & Rachel

Dr. James Loomis

Dr. James Loomis spoke with Sara and Rachel about anxiety and coping mechanisms for parents and caregivers in this COVID-19 pandemic.