There is no question that COVID has changed our day-to-day lives.
Families are seeking information and services for their children and adults with ASD even more now.
Providing information and resources to the Autism community is a collective effort that we all embrace.

As we strive to make the journey for those with ASD as bright and fulfilling as possible,

please join with ASRC for our 19th year of connecting CT resources with CT families.

Sign-ups due by 9/30!

Reconnect With Autism Families at the ASRC
Virtual Resource Fair November 7th!

Fully LIVE Event With Video Stage, Exhibit Booths, Networking Workshops, Marquee Speakers, & More!

No Travel! More Multi Media!
Interactive & Engaging!

Note: Important Changes Coming to the
ASRC Professional Resource Guide

Please continue to join us as we move to a modest paid service, effective 9/30, for the resource guide. This enables us to provide the effective tools for our families and to continue to develop new resources across the state!

Sign Up for the 2020 Virtual Resource Fair and Receive a 1 year Listing in the Professional Resource Guide
Offer Expires Sept 30

What Does A Virtual Resource Fair Look Like?

What Do I Get By Participating or Sponsoring?

Watch and Listen To ASRC’s Pat Coppola Explain Our Resource Fair and Resource Guide

ASRC’s Professional Resource Guide:
Helping Your Organization Stay Connected With Autism Families